Hi. This was a post I made 2008 on my arashinhwa wordpress blog and since I’m planning to take that down, I’m posting this here to save it. Also, it might help some other fans out there. I edited and added some new facts but most of it arestillfrom back then.This is an introductory post to Shinhwa and the members plus my own thoughts. This is not OFFICIAL, some facts may be wrong.

& S H I N H W A

In this part of the post, you’ll find information about my favorite artist, SHINHWA!!! I’ll talk about the group’s history, their effect in the Korean Music Industry, each member’s profile, and also, what I love about them; their friendship, talent and looks too.

SHINHWA is not just an obsession, it’s a lifestyle.

GROUP NAME: 신화 / Shinhwa
DEBUT DATE: 24th of March year 1998
COMPANY: Shinhwa Company, 2011-present (formerly from SM Entertainment, 1998-2003; Good Entertainment, 2003-2011)
MEMBERS: 6; Eric, Lee Minwoo, Kim Dongwan, Shin Hyesung, Junjin, Andy

& G R O U P H I S T O R Y

SHINHWA is the longest running Korean Male Group in Korean History. Male Groups usually last for about 3 to 5 years, those reaching 5 years considered to be long-running already. But Shinhwa has exceeded this limit.Shinhwa started after training under SM Entertainment for a year. They weren’t an overnight success. Their long journey to where they are now isn’t paved with gold. They have done so much through their stay together, making each other more than brothers to them.

Let’s journey and experience what it was like during those long 14 years. Laugh, cry and feel loved at the same time.

The Chronicle of the Legend (Everlasting Friendship)

& M E M B E R S

Now that we’ve been introduced to them and know their history as a group, it’s now time to introduce the wonderful members individually!


Eric is simply known as Eric with Shinhwa, but in his solo endeavors such as acting and modeling, he is known as Eric Mun. Born Mun Jung Hyuk on February 9, 1979, Eric grew up in California with his parents and two older sisters where he attended Sunny Hills High School district by Fullerton Joint Union High School in Orange County. But he graduated college in Dongguk University in Korea.Eric is the leader in Shinhwa because he is the oldest among the six members. He is also the designated English rapper as his English is very extensive for a Korean. Eric is a very talented lyricist, being the writer for Shinhwa’s rap lyrics in their songs and also, producing, writing, and composing songs for the band and other Korean artists as well. Ever since 2011, Eric has been the co-CEO of Shinhwa Company and the producer of girl group, Stellar.

As an actor, Eric is very well known in Korea. His acting career jump started with his role in Firebird, a highly rated drama which showed his great acting skills. He won MBC’s Best New Actor Award because of this role. The next year, he bagged the MBC’s Best Actor Award for his acting as the lead role in the highly successful comedy drama Super Rookie. His acting continued to dominate the big screen when he acted in A Bittersweet Life and later as the lead in the movie June’s Diary. He continued acting in dramas after those two movies and started with Wolf but after 3 episodes, Wolf was pulled off and cancelled because of a stunt gone wrong where Eric suffered heavy injuries and had him spend most of his early 2006 in the hospital. He then returned to acting that very same year as the lead in SBS’s Korean Secret Agency and early 2007 to act as the lead in Que Sera Sera. Both dramas did very well. As a comeback project, Eric along with Han YeSul starred in Spy Myungwol last 2011.

Because of very successful acting and singing careers, Eric has been ranked as one of the highest paid endorsers in Korea. With contracts with elite companies like Basso, Rado, UGIZ and Coke to name a few, Eric’s salary is one of the highest among the members.

While it may seem to many that Eric is “the cool leader” of the group, Eric is rather childish. The members speak of him as a great leader but when no “leading” is needed, Eric turns to a child who is even weirder than an alien life form on earth. He, indeed, does the silliest things when he’s with the members but with others, he’s just your “cool leader”.


Lee Minwoo was born on the 28th of July year 1979, making him the second oldest among the six members. In his certificate, he is listed as a 1980 but it was clearedthathe was born 1979 with a proof of a picture. Like the other Shinhwa members, Minwoo is a talented artist.Minwoo is the first among the members to debut as a solo artist. Making him the senior among the others when it comes to going solo. He chose the stage name M as his solo artist’s name. He released his 1st solo album entitled Un-Touch-Able on 2003, with the title song Just One Night, M surpassed expectations when he was able to sell 100,00 albums in excess of expected sales. The song became immensely popular making M not just one of those who has tried going solo and ends up failing. He then released his first single titled If You where he changed his image from “cool and suave” to “handsome and sweet” in 2005. By fall of the same year, M released his second album entitled IInd Winds in where he changed his image again. This time, he opted for a grungy and rugged look with his title song Bump!. Bump rose to the charts quickly with its powerful beat and dance. He then followed with the release of his 2nd song from the album, Girlfriend. Girlfriend being a slow R&B song, M changed his image yet again to that of a gentle and sensitive yet rough man. He was able to promote his album for over 4 months, a rarity in Korean market. He then released his 3rd album just this July of 2007. His 3rd album is entitled Explore. With two previous highly successful albums, the pressure for his 3rd album is great. In Korea, an artist’s 3rd album is the telling factor if said artist is here to stay or is just a flavor of the month. M’s 3rd album did not just became successful, but shortly after its release, a special edition album was again released. His title song Stomp! And his follow-up song M Style are both charted in music charts all over Korea.

Minwoo writes lyrics, arranges, composes and produces the songs. He’s written songs for various Korean artists, all of which became popular and topped the charts. He’s also written for Shinhwa, his songs being included in their albums. And of course, most of his songs are included in his solo albums. In fact, his 3rd album consists of 13 songs, 9 of which he wrote, arranged, composed and produced. The other three, he wrote the lyrics to. Currently, he is also the co-CEO of Shinhwa Company.

Minwoo is also an actor, He has acted in many sitcoms, such as Nonstop 5, and also acting in Banjun Dramas or Reverse Dramas. He has also starred in a movie entitled Holy Daddy or Wontak Angel. This movie has been greatly received by the public. It was shown in theaters for more than a month because of great sales.

Minwoo is also a business man. He has started his own line of branded Wolf M Caps.

Among the members, Minwoo is the best performer. His live performances are very energetic and full of surprises. He choreographs his own dances, takes care of the effects and lightings in his concerts and is also concerned about the technical side of his performances like the mic, the band, the sound and the stage. He has, to this date, released numerous DVDs and Albums of his live performances and concerts. All of which were sold-out a minute after the tickets are open for sale. Also, his concerts are not just limited to Korea, for he has also had equally successful concerts in Japan and China.

Lee Minwoo is such a charmer. He likes things fast, exciting and full of twist and turns. He loves to be in control and loves being the center of everybody’s attention AND affection. He may not be doing it on purpose, nor is he trying hard to do so, but it just happens naturally. Like letting him sit in a room and instantly, the whole room turns their eyes on him. He loves pleasing others too, and when he finds something that pleases him, he gives his all in it. He invests everything he has in it. He is also the type of person who will pay close attention to you, who will take care of you no matter who you are. He’ll make it a point that you enjoy his company and that surely will. He’s a great entertainer who has immense self control. If it’s not good in his vocabulary, he stays away from it.

The members speak of Minwoo as a somewhat perfectionist, but also, one who loves deeply and will do anything to have your trust when he gives you his.


Kim Dong Wan is born on the 21st of November year 1979 making him the 3rd oldest in Shinhwa. He is an only child and grew up with only his mother. The real reason as to why he doesn’t have a father in his life is still a mystery to all. Did his father die? Are his parents divorced? Nonetheless, Dongwan grew up in an environment where in he is loved by his relatives and his very supportive mother.Kim Dong Wan is highly recognized for his acting. He acted in the New Nonstop 2001, also in 2002′s Children of Heaven. He has also acted in MBC’s Best Theater episode #610, Magic Power alcohol in 2005. That same year, he also appeared in Beating Hearts. That same year, he also accepted the lead role in KBS’s A Farewell to Sorrow, aka A Farewell to Tears or Goodbye Sadness where he won the Best Actor award at KBS Drama Awards. He later then acted in The Person I Love the Most in 2007 alongside Kim Jung Eun of Full House fame. He has also acted in two movies, Emergency Act 19 in 2002 and Spin Kick in 2004. Aside from these, he has also been DJing since 2000 to 2002 in Ten Ten Club and as the MC in SBS’s Inkigayo. Recently, Dongwan played the lead role in the musical Hedwig and the Angry Inch where he cross-dressed (personally, he looks gorgeous).

He also debuted as a solo singer just this July 2007 with the release of his 1st solo album entitled Kim Dong Wan Is. His title song, Handkerchief, has gained him much popularity with its great melody and DOngwan’s powerful voice. He has also won the Mutizen Award in SBS Inkigayo with this song. In his solo album, all the other Shinhwa participated. Minwoo wrote, arranged and composed My Love (track #7) in which Eric rapped for him in. Hyesung sang a duet with him in track #9 with The One Left Alone. Andy rapped in track #8, Loving Summer. Junjin choreographed the dance for one of his songs as well. Aside from the members, other artists such as MC MONG, Ho Inchang, DJ TUKUTZ of Epik High and Byul participated on his album, making it star studded. After the release of his album, it has been receiving nothing but good reviews, giving additional points to Dongwan’s versatility and powerful round-up of songs.

Dongwan is the resident health-buff among the members. He regularly visits the hospital and checks his blood-pressure and sugar0level daily. He also exercises everyday. He is known as The Witty Guy in Shinhwa, being great with words. In fact, he loves writing so much. He has an online blog which he updates regularly with his random thoughts and pictures. He loves taking pictures and more often than not, these pictures include him. He loves camwhoring with the other members especially Minwoo. He is also a loving son, who loves his mother deeply. And, one who gets attached to something easily. He is also the type to defend a friend immediately when needed. Among the members, only he and Minwoo don’t smoke.

The members all see Dongwan as the witty guy who always brings laughter to their lives with his randomness and sometimes meaningful rants.


Shin HyeSung (meaning Comet)is born Jung Pil-Kyo on the 27th of November year 1979 making him the 3rd youngest (and 4th oldest) in Shinhwa. While studying abroad, the name he uses is Steve Jung. He studied in 천안대학교 (Chon AnUniversity), majoring in English.Shin HyeSung is the lead vocals in Shinhwa since they considers his voice as that of an angel. When Lee SooMan first heard him sing, (according to Andy) he said that HyeSung has a voice like no other.

Shin HyeSung during 2004 released an album with his close friends, Kangta and Lee JiHoon.Their group was known as Group S, their album is called Fr.In.Cl. that means Friends in Classic. After the Group S, he sang many collaboration songs with different artists. But he is second among the members to release a solo album. Although he had wanted to do RnB like MinWoo, he chose ballad something that he is known for and also not to rival his fellow member. He released his first solo album, Love of May in 2005 which ranked number one in HMV pre-order sales in Japan. With this album he won, MKMF Best Ballad Category, Golden Disk Award “Bonsang”, SBS Gayo Daejun “Bonsang”, which made him immensely popular not just in Korea but in other countries as well. 8th of August 2007, he released his 2nd solo album named, The Beginning New Days. His album song, First Person/처사람 topped the K-pop top 10 chart on his release. His album was sold 30,000 copies on the day of his release and 50,000 in just seven days. In an Asian ordering web, his album topped first as the most sold even though it wasn’t released yet because of pre-orders. Last June 2011, after releasing his fifth Korean studio album, The Road Not Taken, Shin HyeSung wrapped up a series of performances in Seoul, Busan, and Shanghai. He also hosted a special two-day, 2011 Tour in Seoul – The Road Not Taken Act II, at Kyung Hee University on 3rd and 4th of September. Then last July of the same year, he recorded a duet “I Believe”, with Shunsuke Kiyokiba former member of Exile.

HyeSung is not very good in dancing however he is known for creating amusing dances such as, “Crab Dance”, “Mother please buy me that dance” and “Fight dance” which are very famous among his fans. He is also known for his comedic songs such as “Hamburger song” and “Banana song” with Eric.

He is very shy and is also called The Little Prince in Shinhwa for which he feels embarrassed for. Recently, he injured his knee on a concert and is still performing with Shinhwa but on the side of the stage (I still think he needs his own throne).


Jun jin (meaning Move Forward) is born Park ChoongJae on 19th of August 1980 which makes him the second youngest in Shinhwa. He is the son of a famous singer (Charlie Park) and his real mother left him and his two younger siblings because of his dad, his father soon remarries but they also got divorced onhis teenage years. His father’s third wife provided Junjin and his siblings care and guidance as if they were his real children, she was the one who found their real mother and connected them once again.Junjin is originally a rapper in Shinhwa but later on he started singing small parts. He is known as one of the dancing machine and his Power Dances among the members for his love to dance.

As an actor, Junjin acted in Nonstop 4 a comedy series with Andy. He would also appear in various BanJun dramas and he also appeared in Let’s Go To the Beach. But his real acting was proven in Forbidden Love wherein he starred alongside Kim TaeHee as the lead actress. After this, he also acted in other Banjun dramas.

Junjin released a single called Love Doesn’t Come Around last 2006 of November. This single included ballads which is surprising since he is known for rapping and powerful dance skills. Early January 2007, Junjin filmed a music video with Linda Liao. He also recorded a duet with her entitled Forever which also has a version in Mandarin. He released his first full length solo album on 25 April 2008 titled New Decade. The single encountered controversy when the music video was given a 19+ rating due to sexual content, in effect banning the video from major networks. He later released another mini album, titled Fascination. The title-track “Hey Ya” featuring Son Dam Bi and Big Tone did fairly well on the charts but a track on the mini album titled “Like A Fool” featuring his “wife” from We Got Married Lee ShiYoung managed to score better on the charts.

Besides acting, Jun Jin appeared variety program Infinite Challenge and later he joined We Got Married in early 2009 with actress Lee ShiYoung as his “wife”. The couple was dubbed “Gundam Couple” due to Lee Shi Young’s obsession with Gundam. They officially departed from the show May 3, 2009 due to the restructuring of the show’s format. However, he and Lee ShiYoung dated after the show but broke up for reasons.

Junjin may seem all cool but he is as entertaining as the rest of the members. He is most noted as the person who likes making up stories during live broadcasts, he later reveals them as lies too, though.


Andy is born Lee SunHoon 21st of December ear 1981 which makes him the youngest among the members. For a while, his birthday has been listed as 21st of January 1981 for SM likes confusing us fans like that. He lived in America for sometime wherein his English name was Jason.Andy is the rapper in Shinhwa and he is known as their cute boy since he is their forever maknae. Lately, Andy had been mentioned as scary and intimidating by his juniors from the army wherein he was their Head.

Andy is also credited as an actor after having acted in various Banjun dramas and in Nonstop 4 along with Junjin and Lee Jin (their pair had created a lot of rumors from his fans for they starred in more Banjun dramas than usual couples did). He also acted in Lover’s in Prague but only with a minor role. Although he did not have many acting in various dramas, he had starred in the musical Music In My Heart Season 3 with him being the main lead. Besides acting, Andy had MC-ed in SBS Inkigayo and MBC Goldfish.

He is the 5th member of Shinhwa to have gone solo by releasing a single with the help of JYP with Irrelevant Imagination and later on, another single titled One Love. He had also released studio albums such as The First New Dream then a repackaged with The First Propose. After that was Single Man. Andy’s vocals may not be as strong as the other members but he certainly has his own charm by his different dive in an image which was… not surprisingly, cute. Also, he had opened up his own Company and produced one of the rising boyband Teen Top.

Besides acting, singing and producing, Andy also ventured into the reality show We Got Married with his pretend wife Solbi as one of the first couples on it.

Andy is also known for his dance, Cute Dance and his Heart Dance. Can be combined and both terribly adorable.

& R E A S O N S

So why do I love this group so much? Let’s see my reasons, shall we?


  • Shinhwa’s looks may seem average to the current flood of boy groups with their flower boys but these men will always be the best-looking to me. Gorgeous, beautiful and sexy—always. What with their age and mature look, who needs younger ones?


  • Shinhwa’s fan base is called, “Shinhwa Changjo”. It is not as large as it once was, most of the members were already on their 20s or 30s—some even have families. And yet, they really love Shinhwa Changjo. They always make time for their fans and always find the opportunity to thank us for supporting them. They don’t just think of fame, they think about their fans, because they love us. No matter how many years may have gone by, I can be pretty sure that no other group could rival the love Shinhwa has for their fans. And about their work? I think their years of activeness is proof enough.


  • It would be foolish to dwell with this matter. Each member of Shinhwa has their own distinct personality and this makes the group even better. They’re different, all of them and yet they connect. They’re all grown men but they still play around but at the same time, they know when to stop and why.


  • I want a friendship like Shinhwa. They are caring and understanding, especially to their fellow members. They have been together for 14 (and more) years and up to know, they still care for each other. Even though they are busy with their own work they always make time to go to concerts, fan meeting with other members. They’ve mentioned that if one member needed help with their album or personal life, everyone makes sure to help in. When I watched their Win Win guesting, I was just reminded of this friendship. They are a perfect example of a strong friendship. No pretending, no lies but just real love for one another.


  • Of course, what is an idol group without their talents? I fell in love with them the moment I heard them sing and it was because it was full of emotion. And when you see them, dance, you would be WOW-ed. They’re not as good or as in sync as the new boy groups but let me repeat myself, why should I care? Their voice and dancing had passed the years and proven to us it’s still not gone. I know I may be biased because I’m a fan and I always watch them. Some older or newer artists are just good in singing when it is recorded, but Shinhwa? They perform great when it is live and because we know the effort they put into it.


  • And the real reason? It’s because they’re SHINHWA that’s why I love them. All the combination of who they are, what they are, how they are, why they are and what they would be… that’s why I love them. They’re not perfect, I know that. They’re human and they make mistakes, I know that. I can forgive (but who am I to do that?) the mistakes they’ve made because one can see the grief and regret they have. I love Shinhwa for who they are not for who I want them to be. I remember the first time I watched them, it was on the screen of our computer. They are not singing that time because we didn’t have speaker at that time, and they are not dancing too because its a MV. And when I saw them, I just felt like, “Joey, this is it. This is the missing part of your life.” and from that time on, they didn’t become my obsession, they became my way of life. They’re a heavy influence of how I became who I am, on my choices in life and I don’t regret one thing.
  • They are Shinhwa, they’re a BIG part of my life. That’s why I LOVE ORANGE.

Most of these are written when I was still 13yrs old so excuse the grammar and childishness. Also, I’m pretty sure I made a LOT of mistakes with the facts and I’m sorry for that too. I may also have been pretty biased and most of these are the product of that. I repeat, this is NOT OFFICIAL. Do not sue me. I just thought I might as well share my craziness.



6 thoughts on “Shinhwa

  1. //While it may seem to many that Eric is “the cool leader” of the group, Eric is rather childish The members speak of him as a great leader but when no “leading” is needed, Eric turns to a child …// XD You can’t be more exact We love our 4D leader.I think the only time he is really serous is when he sing paper…
    Your reason for loving SHINHWA are pretty close to mine

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